Extended Vacation…

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Hey all,

I went on an extended vacation, but now I’m back.  My plan is to write at least one blog post per day via video or otherwise.  I’m not reaching enough people to change enough lives by providing better health education, and for that I apologize.  It’s very difficult to find credible unbiased information on the web.  Be careful what you read and watch on other sites.

Dr. J




Does Chiropractic help with Neck Pain?

Recent research has suggested that chiropractic helps with neck pain.  Call your local chiropractor to see if chiropractic can help with your neck pain, stiffness, or arthritis.  If you live in the metro Atlanta area give us a call at 770-509-6755 to see if we can help you.

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Eating Organic can be rather Costly and Difficult!

When the neighborhood Kroger doesn’t have all the organic foods you might want these are the safer bets that were lower on pesticide content.  So keep this list handy.  Another general rule of thumb when buying non-organic is to buy fruits and vegetables with a thicker skin.Image

Diet soda causes weight gain. Surprised?

Don’t believe it?  Watch this video to find out how it happens.  Fast forward to about 6:20 into the video to get the answer about diet soda’s harmful effects.

So if you watched the video you can obviously see that due to the acidic nature of diet soda our bodies leach calcium and iodine.  Iodine is very important for proper thyroid function which we know plays a role in weight gain or loss.  Follow us on Facebook for more health tips like this one by clicking here.